Preceptor Certification Quiz
LCC Respiratory Care

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1. When teaching an adult new ideas it is best to verbally instruct, demonstrate, and then allow the student to demonstrate.
2. The adult learner prefers to learn using a "Hands on" approach.
3. Part of a preceptor's responsibility includes providing educational insight and supervision to Respiratory Care students in the clinical setting.
4. A Creative Thinker tends to have trouble troubleshooting.
5. A clinical preceptor's input can impact a student's clinic grade.
6. If problems or concerns arise from a student's clinical performance or behavior the preceptors are able and encouraged to meet with the program's faculty to discuss the situation.
7. It is not necessary for a preceptor to sign off or check the computer for proper charting.

8. The preceptor must verify a new physician's order prior to a student starting a therapy.
9. A student may perform ABG's, intubations, extubations, and securing an ETT without preceptor supervision.
10. The student will receive and give a formal patient report at the beginning and at the end of the shift, respectively.

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