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LCC Workforce Education Law Enforcement Seminar


Labette Community College will be holding a Law Enforcement Seminar on April 25th & 26th, 2012 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on their main campus in Parsons, KS. Sessions during the seminar include: Probation & Parole Supervision, Surviving a Natural Disaster, Racial Profiling, Human Trafficking, and One-Pot Meth.


“Probation & Parole Supervision” will be presented by local probation & parole professionals regarding information designed to help law enforcement officers understand: current conditions of community supervision, interventions and sanctions employed in corrections today, and ways agencies can work together more effectively to promote public safety. Belinda Atkins, Parole Supervisor for Kansas Department of Corrections, will discuss conditions of post release and structure of the parole system in Kansas.


“Surviving a Natural Disaster”- Joplin Police Chief, Lane Roberts, begins with a narrative discussion of the importance of tabletop exercises designed to prepare for such events and the dangers of apathy about disaster preparation. LEO will view a “real time” video of the event produced by KODE TV that includes images captured immediately after the storm and interviews with victims and responders.


“Racial Profiling”- Herman Jones, Shawnee County Undersheriff, identifies mandated changes to ROBBP policies, defines the effects of racial or other biased based policing, teaches officers to recognize personal bias, and assists officers in developing strategies to use at key decision points to ensure bias free policing.


“Human Trafficking”- This is a three hour workshop to give officers a working knowledge of human trafficking. Officers will explore the best practice for law enforcement through the use of case examples, develop an understanding of human trafficking specific to Kansas statistics and examples, and receive resource information for both state and federal response. Trauma Response: The Critical First Hours and Long-term Implications will also be a part of this workshop. The impact of trauma and loss that victims commonly experience, identification of trauma stages and characteristics of each stage, and implications for effective law enforcement response will all be discussed.


“One-Pot Meth”- Chris Hatcher, Division Commander in the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Pittsburg Police Department, will share facts about “one-pot” methamphetamine production, how to identify a lab, and safety issues for officers and the public. Officers discuss evidence collection, disposal issues, and other safety and evidence issues.


The cost for the seminar is $20, and the registration deadline is April 20th. Any registration forms received after April 20th will be charged $30. Early registration is encouraged due to limited seating. For more information, please contact Carol Rabig at 1-888-LABETTE, ext. 1273 or by e-mail at Registration forms can be printed from the LCC website at Click on “Law Enforcement Seminar Flyer/Registration Info” link on the right side of the homepage.