Placement Scores for LCC courses

(Any new student with less than 12 academic credit hours admitted to LCC after fall 2004 must take Compass English, Math and Reading placement tests or have proof of acceptable ACT or SAT scores.)


Reading Scores

A COMPASS score of 0-54  ACT score of 12 or below: 

Reading Essentials is required.


A COMPASS score of 55-74 or ACT score of 13-17:

Reading For College Success is required.

(Students who place into Reading for College Success may take a course with this requirement as long as they are enrolled in Reading for College Success at the same time. If they drop Reading for College Success , they must also drop any course requiring this reading level.)


A COMPASS score of 75 or higher or ACT score of 18 or higher: 

No  Reading course required.


Math Scores


Pre-Algebra test

A Compass score of 0-33 on the Pre algebra tests are placed into Foundations of Math.

ACT 1-13

A Compass score of 34 or higher on the Pre Algebra tests are placed into Applied Math or Beginning Algebra.

ACT 14-16


General Algebra test

A COMPASS Score of 0-33 on the General Algebra test are placed into Applied Math or Beginning Algebra.

ACT 14-16

A COMPASS score of 34-56 on the General Algebra test are placed into Intermediate Algebra.

ACT 17-19

Students who score 57-100 on the General Algebra test may be placed in College Algebra or Math for Education.


College Algebra test

A COMPASS score of 0-43 on the College Algebra test

ACT 20 or Higher


Trigonometry test

A COMPASS score of 44-100 on the Trigonometry test  are placed into Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, or Business Calculus.

ACT 21-25


Calculus I

An A in high school Pre-Calculus or Trigonometry or B or better in high school Calculus

ACT 26 of Higher


ACT math placement scores less than 20 require students to take the compass exam.


English (Writing)

A COMPASS score of 0-51 are placed into Writing Essentials.

ACT 0-13


A COMPASS score of 52-69 are placed into Writing for College Successs.

ACT 14-17


A COMPASS score of 70-100 are placed into English Composition I.

ACT 18 and above