Show your SPIRIT! Wear your Cardinal RED!

NOVEMBER 29th Wednesday Women's Basketball
DECEMBER 5th Tuesday Women's Basketball
  13th Wednesday Men’s Basketball
  11th -14th Monday - Thursday Finals Week
JANUARY 16th-19th Tuesday- Friday    Welcome Back Week
  18th Thursday Women’s and Men’s Basketball
  24th Wednesday Women’s and Men’s Basketball
  31st Wednesday Women’s and Men’s Basketball
FEBRUARY 2nd Friday Baseball
  13th  Tuesday Baseball
  14th Wednesday Women’s and Men’s Basketball
  23rd Friday Baseball
  27th Tuesday Softball
MARCH 1st Thursday Softball
  5th Monday Baseball
  27th Tuesday Softball
APRIL 5th Thursday Baseball
  12th Thursday Softball
  17th Tuesday Softball
  19th Thursday Baseball
  26th Thursday Baseball
MAY 1st-3rd  Tuesday- Thursday  Evening Finals
  7th- 10th Monday-Thursday Evening and Day Finals